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The application MNRT implements several techniques to realize fast global illumination for dynamic scenes on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It was developed during the creation of my Diplomarbeit (German master thesis equivalent):

The basic ideas of the implementation are described within [Wang et al. 2009]. Right now MNRT is very experimental. Therefore it might contain several errors. Furthermore MNRT does not show all features of the system described in my thesis. For example, spherical harmonics are not used to handle glossy materials, yet. They might be added in the future.

I released MNRT (including source code) to the public as I believe that I might not be able to concentrate on improving the application in the next time. Hence I want to allow others to check what I've done so far. Maybe someone has some ideas on improving MNRT. I'd be glad to hear about them.

Currently neither an English nor a German version of my thesis are available online. Please check the documentation of MNRT for some background on MNRT. It's available in English.


MNRT is not a fully functional application for end users. This section shows features and problems of the current version of MNRT, specifically the source code of MNRT.

Source Code Quality

Usage Hints

I used Microsoft Visual Studio for the development of MNRT. Hence MNRT is currently only available for Windows. But as I used almost no Windows specific code, compiling MNRT for other operating systems should be possible, assumed that the target system has support for CUDA. Please check the Usage Hints page for more details.

Copyright and License

MNRT is copyrighted by Mathias Neumann and released under a 3-clause BSD license. Check the Copyright and License page for details. Thus reuse of my work in other projects is encouraged. I'd be happy if you'd tell me of such reuse. To cite my work, you can use my thesis reference, see section Introduction.


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