File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AssimpScene.h [code]Declares the AssimpScene class
BasicScene.h [code]Declares the BasicScene class
CameraModel.h [code]Declares the CameraModel class
KernelDefs.h [code]Declares appropriate structures to pass data to CUDA kernels
MNCudaMemPool.h [code]Declares the MNCudaMemPool and MNCudaMemory classes
MNCudaMT.h [code]Declares the MNCudaMT class
MNCudaPrimitives.h [code]Declares the MNCudaPrimitives class
MNCudaUtil.h [code]Provides useful macros and CUDA functions
MNMath.h [code]Declares mathematical constants and functions not provided by standard library
MNRTSettings.h [code]Declares the MNRTSettings class
MNStatContainer.h [code]Declares the MNStatContainer class and several StatEntry classes
MNUtilities.h [code]Declares error reporting utilities
PhotonMap.h [code]Declares the PhotonMap class
ProgressListener.h [code]Declares the ProgressListener class
RayPool.h [code]Declares the RayPool and RayChunk classes
resource.h [code]
RTCore.h [code]Declares the RTCore class
SceneConfig.h [code]Declares the SceneConfig class
Geometry/MNBBox.h [code]Declares the MNBBox class and two global functions
Geometry/MNGeometry.h [code]Simplifies including geometry types
Geometry/MNMatrix4x4.h [code]Declares the MNMatrix4x4 class
Geometry/MNNormal3.h [code]Declares the MNNormal3 class and global utility functions
Geometry/MNPlane.h [code]Declares the MNPlane class
Geometry/MNPoint3.h [code]Declares the MNPoint3 class and some global utility functions
Geometry/MNRay.h [code]Declares the MNRay class
Geometry/MNTransform.h [code]Declares MNTransform class
Geometry/MNVector3.h [code]Declares the MNVector3 class and global utility functions for vectors
GPU/adaptiveFG.cuCUDA kernels for adaptive final gathering
GPU/bsdf.cuProvides kernels related to BSDF handling
GPU/bsdf_dev.h [code]Declares CUDA device functions for BSDF handling
GPU/illumcut.cuCUDA kernels for illumination cut handling
GPU/image.cuContains image conversion kernels
GPU/intersect_dev.h [code]Provides CUDA device functions for intersection tests
GPU/kdtree.cuKernels for kd-tree construction
GPU/kdtree_chunklist.cuKernels for kd-tree construction, specifically chunk list construction
GPU/kdtree_point.cuKernels for kd-tree construction, specifically for point kd-trees
GPU/kdtree_tri.cuKernels for kd-tree construction, specifically for triangle kd-trees
GPU/mncudautil.cuCUDA implementations of the methods defined in MNCudaUtil.h
GPU/mncudautil_dev.h [code]Contains device functions used for
GPU/photon_build.cuKernels for photon map construction, specifically photon tracing
GPU/photon_dev.h [code]Provides device functions for photon loading and storing
GPU/photon_knn.cuKernels for photon map density estimation using kNN search
GPU/raygen.cuRaygen kernels class
GPU/raytracing.cuKernels for ray tracing
GPU/sample_dev.h [code]Provides device functions for sampling
kd-tree/KDKernelDefs.h [code]Definitions and types used for GPU-based kd-tree construction
kd-tree/KDTreeGPU.h [code]Declares the KDTreeGPU class
kd-tree/KDTreeListener.h [code]Declares the KDTreeListener class
kd-tree/KDTreePoint.h [code]Declares the KDTreePoint class
kd-tree/KDTreeTri.h [code]Declares the KDTreeTri class
wxWidgets/AboutDialog.h [code]Declares the AboutDialog class
wxWidgets/BenchResultDialog.h [code]Declares the BenchResultDialog class
wxWidgets/CUDACanvas.h [code]Declares the CUDACanvas class
wxWidgets/MainFrame.h [code]Declares the MainFrame class
wxWidgets/MNRTApp.h [code]Declares the MNRTApp class
wxWidgets/MNRTConfigDialog.h [code]Declares the MNRTConfigDialog class
wxWidgets/MNRTSettingsWx.h [code]Declares the MNRTSettingsWx class
wxWidgets/ProgressListenerWx.h [code]Declares the ProgressListenerWx class
wxWidgets/SceneConfigDialog.h [code]Declares the SceneConfigDialog class
wxWidgets/StatsDialog.h [code]Declares the StatsDialog class
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